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Heavy Weight Hydro :: Allergen & Odor Control :: Carbon - Can-Filters :: Can-Fan & Can-Filter Combo

Can-Fan & Can-Filter Combo
Can-Fan & Can-Filter Combo 
SKU 700763
Weight 50.00 lbs
Price: $282.95

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These filters are hollow, metal cylindrical canisters, that have an inner lining packed with crushed charcoal carbon. They are designed for use with a high velocity inline duct fan, to achieve the most effective means of purifying the air in homes, greenhouses and indoor gardens. Controls all odor and allergy causing bacteria, including pollen fungus and mold, reducing allergic reactions for gardeners who suffer from outdoor allergies. Controls even the most pungent odors caused by soil manure mixes and or plants that attract insects and pests through the air intake fans.

The way it works: High Velocity Fan sits, or mounts, to the open end of the filter. If mounted correctly, the fan should direct the airflow of the entire room through the filter side wall, then up the filter's hollow center, and out through the fan.

Carbon Filters can be used to "scrub" the air, by constantly re-circulating fresh garden air;
or to periodically exhaust heat and humidity by connecting optional exhaust ducting to the fan.

Carbon filters can stand upright and vertical or be hung/mounted horizontally.

White Pre-Filter wrapped around the side wall will catch the larger dust and debris particles.
Replacement Pref-Filters can be purchased separately.

Note: These fans are near silent, but still produce a minimal amount of wind-noise due to the high velocity of air passing through. To reduce the wind-noise of your fan; inline fan Duct Mufflers can be purchased separately.

Carbon Filters Can last up to 18 months!!!


First, calculate the Cubic Feet of your room or garden space by multiplying Lengh x Width x Height.

CFM speeds of the fan should always be in range of the filter's CFM rating.
Can Combo's are paired correctly.

Room Dimensions in Feet : (Length x Width x Height)

CAN 33/ CAN-FAN COMBO - Scrubs air at the rate of 168 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
Translation: Purifies Room space of approx. 3ft x 3ft x 7ft or 5ft x 5ft x 8ft.

Size of Filter: 12 inches diameter x 13 inches length
Combo Weight: Filter with Fan 40 lbs.
Carbon Weight: 16 lbs.
Watts: 73w

Growers can also go up a size on their fan and filter combo for maximum air purification,
or simply purchase multiple fan and filter combos for the same room!!!

*** Lower 48 States, Continental U.S. Only ***


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Jolly Green Hydroponics is a BBB Accredited Garden Center in Dallas, TX